02 May 2010

North Rim

The next morning I got up early as its about a four hour drive back to Albuquerque from Chinle. But first, I took a drive along the North Rim of Canyon de Chelly. It was a cloudy morning but that did not detract from the beauty of the canyon.

And so ends another adventure here in the southwest. I am very fortunate that many of these places are within a few hours drive of where I live.

I had never explored the region when I lived here on and off as a kid. I'm very glad I have the opportunity now.

In two weeks I take on what will definitely be my most exciting adventure of the year, Walkabout III: Quest for Buffalo!!

So stay tuned.

I'm out.


Travis said...

What cool pics....You gotta take me there!

MICK said...


Bear Me Out said...

Thanks for sharing your explorations. One day, maybe I'll get to visit.

MICK said...