24 May 2010

WALKABOUT 3 - DAY 3 - MILE 858: Dead Presidents

Welcome back.

Having arrived in Rapid City, South Dakota, T-Rob and I stopped by the Crazy Horse Scuplture, a giant sculpture of Native American Chief Crazy Horse being carved out of a mountain side not far from another famous monument....

Rapid City, SD, is about six hours north of Denver.

The next morning we set out for another well known sculpture: Mount Rushmore.

We have all seen it countless times on television and in film [NORTH BY NORTHWEST]. It is such an icon you almost feel you have seen it already.

I can tell you though...seeing it in person and walking along the base was SOOOOO cool. It was like a picture book coming to life AND you could not have asked for a more beautiful day.

It felt good to be an American.

Crews using lasers are creating a three-dimensional digital scan of the four presidential faces and other features of the national monument for historic documentation and preservation. The 3-D modeling will allow virtual tours of the monument.

The data will allow workers to make repairs to replicate the scuplture to the millimeter.


I'm out.

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