03 August 2009


I ended my cell phone service with T-Mobile a few years ago because their prices kept going up and up and up and all these 'mystery service fees' made NO SENSE.

I decided to switch to Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go because their rates were good and even the monthly plans they had were very reasonable.

Until recently when they were acquired by Sprint.


I happened to visit their website last month and discovered they were now charging five dollars less a month for the same plan I was paying $34.95 for. WTF!!

So I wrote them a letter.

One customer service rep named 'Rita' wrote me back and basically said that in the fine print it read that it was 'up to me' to be aware of price changes. Excuuuuuuuse me!

'Rita' also suggested that on my next renewal day that I change plans.

Fine, ok... so on 3 August I changed to the new plan at $29.95 a month.


What 'Rita' did not tell me in her letter was that when switching I would LOSE the text messaging and data plans I had JUST PURCHASED the week before!!!!! That's right, VM had just mugged me for $30!!!


Livid, I sent another letter which has not been answered yet.

Fine, ok... so I decide to TOP UP and purchase a new text and data plan. The text plan is $10 and the data plan is $10 so I sign up.

Honest to God, as soon as I sign up, my screen changes to INCLUDE the disclaimer that neither plan will take into effect until my NEXT renewal, meaning until then I will have to pay 15 cents per text and $1.50 a day to access the internet!!!! THAT IS OUTRAGEOUS!! I purchased the plans I should be able to use them IMMEDIATELY!! There was no indication initially that I would have to wait a month until AFTER I made the purchase!!!!

I would pull out my hair if it wasn't so short that I can't grasp it in my hands!!!

In my third letter to Virgin Mobile I told them that I TOO had a contract with them... one I kept available to the public in a locked cabinet in the basement. Oh...? They didn't know about it?? I'm sorry...it was up to YOU to inquire about it.

See, Virgin Mobile, with all the competition for cell phone service, both contract and pay-as-you-go I am SHOCKED you would treat longstanding and paying customers as you do.

I don't need you, YOU NEED ME!! Hello.

I am worried; however, if Virgin Mobile treats cell customers like this I can only wonder how they will treat Virgin Galactic customers.

You've been warned.

I'm out.

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