31 August 2009

Left Coast Adventure

And so begins my last major trip of the year [I'll be heading to Tulsa next month, more later...].

It got off to a rather frustrating start. Everyone had boarded the plane when the captain announced there was a hydraulic leak and the plane 'wasn't going anywhere'.


After waiting a bit they told me that I would not be going to Denver, which is where I was supposed to meet up with T-Rob and fly with him into Los Angeles.

Instead I would be flying to Las Vegas and then on into Los Angeles.

The flight was rather uneventful until we got into California and especially Los Angeles as you could see the smoke and haze of the large fires raging just north of town.

I remember those fires all too well from when I lived there. We use to say Los Angeles does have four seasons: Fire season, earthquake season, riot season and flood season.

My plane got in just under an hour before T-Robs so all was cool.

We would next head to Culver City to pick up my former roommate Andre. I'm actually in town this weekend for his birthday and it was I who suggested we drive up to San Francisco.

...but first...

If you have watched the Travel Channel this summer you have probably noticed they are re-running generic travel shows like crazy. One of them is called Top Ten Hot Dog Stands in America or something like that. In this show they mention Pinks on Melrose in Los Angeles.

Oh man I remember back in the day when we would get out from seeing a concert or a bar and head down to Pinks [24 hours] and wolf down a ten inch doggie at 2am.

I sure couldn't do that now...sigh.

After wasting some time there we wasted no time in heading up Interstate 5 to Frisco.... ok, San Francisco... just don't call it San Fran... the locals hate that.

They call it simply... the city.

I'm out.

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