22 August 2009

Don't Call It 'San Fran'

This time every year I trek back to Los Angeles for my old roommates birthday celebration. Generally friends get together, we eat, go out to the bars etc, etc.

This year I've decided to haul him up to San Francisco.

In the almost 20 years that I lived in Los Angeles I never made it up north to the 'city by the bay'. I guess I was too busy...doing what I don't know.

Suffice it to say this will be my first foray up there. Joining Andre and I will be my travel co-hort T-Rob, also his first time in San Francisco.

We should have a good time, basically we'll be playing tourist and as always, I will keep you informed.

If you have any suggestions send 'em my way.

I'm out.


Dale said...

Comfortable shoes. I mean really comfortable, supporting shoes. If you get time walk the bridge and back. Its an amazing experience...however not such a good idea if anyone your with is scared of heights. Enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

Change of plans...over and out...
Wow, bud enjoy your trek, visit, trip...Have a light coat, sweat shirt, jacket...Have a good time man...-Mike