27 July 2008


My friend Clay and I drove up to the Santa Fe Brewing Co again, this time to see the Yonder Mountain String Band part of the 'new grass' blue grass movement.

They have found themselves in some hot water with purists for 'electrifying' their instruments. -- but man you have not heard stuff like this before...distortion feedback from...a mandolin!!! A W E S O M E!!

It started out as a gorgeous evening but rain clouds moved in and by the last third of the show it started to thunder with big streaks of lightning and then a steady down poor of rain.

It's summer so from our end it was great but the guys on stage were worried about getting electrocuted so they ended the show. Not bad though..they had already played two hours!!!! It was still a great night!!

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

Clay...nice muttonchops!

MICK said...

mutton chops, lamb chops, pork chops,
karate chops, chop chop