12 July 2008


A couple of recommendations for your summer viewing/listening time.

I highly recommend the movie INTO THE WILD.

An amazing story based on the life of Christopher McCandless who after graduating college in the early 90s gave his savings to charity and left civilization behind. I had never heard of this guys story I'm sorry to say until my friend T-Rob recommended it. [THANKS T!!]

McCandless [alias Alexander Supertramp] wanders across America with little or no money at times and enters into the lives of several people who are changed and change him.

Ultimately his journey leads him to Alaska and his destiny.

A cult has grown around his adventure. Some citizens of Alaska resent him to a degree for inspiring other young people to journey to the Alaskan wild in search of 'the Magic Bus' only to get lost or injured using valuable rescue resources.

Some believe McCandless had a bi-polar disorder. Some that he was misguided. I don't necessarily agree with those that call him a 'hero'. I can relate to the spirit of the film. Just...take a map and compass with you if you go, please.

For your listening pleasure I highly recommend EVIL URGES by My Morning Jacket [who'll I'll be seeing in August up in Denver woo-hoo!!].

Also of note is the new Sigor Ros cd MED SUD I EYRUM VID SPILUM ENDALAUST.

These two cd's could not be more different in sound yet they are both great summer music. [Yes, I STILL buy cds!!] Check 'em out.

I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

Mick! There's nothing wrong with buying CD's I do too. As a matter of fact you still owe me a mix CD of music you would recommend to me...-Mike