22 July 2008


The first video is of 'the pool' where early visitors to the area would stop and load up on water. My fancy-schmancy new camera takes good pics but the videos come out crappy for some reason. My apologies.

This is the view from the top of El Morro. The trail continued past this to the other side of El Morro but the lightning and thunder were beginning to creep me out so I stopped there and went back down. I shall return.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mick
On one of your road trips or being a native to New Mexico have you ever been to Lordsburg? Twice in the past couple of months the Lordsburg Door/Portal has come up in conversation..yeah, I know, I need better friends/co-workers. Have you ever heard of it?

MICK said...

I have not heard of it. Is it like the vortex's in Sedona?? I'll look into it...sounds interesting but I will tell you now...if I go there and end up in 1854 I am gonna be soooo pissed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links you sent by email..one I have already seen the other I will read at home tonight. Well if you go, DON'T take the DeLorean and think positive..you could go to the future and when you get back you'll know which stocks to buy to retire well.
Later Buddy