26 July 2008

Hasta El Dia De Hoy

Since moving to New Mexico one of the most frustrating things for me has been local radio. All the talk stations are conservative and the hosts annoying. All the music stations are programmed with crap I can't stand. I have had to find alternatives. I find myself listening to the 'oldies' station alot...Bobby Box is allowed to play his own stuff for the most part and many times plays stuff I simply have not heard before like early RnB lwhich is cool. Also I have grown very fond of 'Banda' music. Mix German 'oompahpah' with guitars and traditional Mexican sounds and you get some very cool stuff. It's of course not for everyone's taste but this sound is infectious on me. I'm hooked on a guy named Darey Castro. I saw him recently while flipping channels and he had a whole brass band with him...trumpets, tuba, clarinets and they all gave their all on stage. Here he is performing at a rodeo in Pico Rivera. Love this song even though I don't understand a word he's saying. Go figure.

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