30 April 2007


...more from yesterday...a perfect day for a drive....but somehow putting a title on a post for these pictures doesn't seem right.....they speak for themselves...


Anonymous said...

Mick you are correct the pics speak for themselves...Those AWESOME new mexico skies are nothing like our L.A. skies. Even with the clouds they show an undescribable beauty (new mxico that is).

MICK said...

Yo Mike... LA gets skies like these once in a great while, like after a spring thunderboomer...only thing is you can't see them!!!! The difference here is all the open space...YOU CAN SEE THEM. There is urban sprawl here but most of it is single story and on flat broad tracks. I still get amazed at em everytime I see them. There is a movie called The Milagro Beanfield War that features alot of the New Mexico sky up near a town called Truchas. I'm guessing they did not have to use filters on that film as it actually looks like that.

Always good to hear from ya Mikey.