10 April 2007

Sssssssss !!

There hasn't been much to write about lately. Old Man Winter has amassed his troops and moved in from up north to take on Spring who has advanced from the south. They are currently battling each other over the rockies. One day it's warm and in the 70s the next day we get snow in the mountains...and this is APRIL!! Today was quite nice so I thought I would take a trip to the International Rattlesnake Museum in the Old Town district.

This boy was huuuuungry.

The 'ickey' gila monster.

This guy creeped me out the most, he was HUUUUUGE!

The museum is pretty cool. When you first walk in it looks like a little giftshop. You buy your ticket for six bucks and then walk into a larger room filled with aquariums and display windows with snakes, spiders, lizards and scorpions.

Hey squirt. This guy kept following me around his tank...guess he thought I had a 'cricket-treat' or something.

If you're in town definately check it out, it is right near the public parking on San Felipe Street.

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