06 April 2007

The Kings of Leon

Last year I missed seeing one of my favorite newer bands when they played here...arrrrgh!!! The Kings of Leon have released their new cd and man so far I love it.

They have also posted their tour dates so far for the US; Albuquerque is no where to be found on it,.even though they sold out when they were here last.

Bummer. Anyhow...here are three tracks to download. Keep in mind that KoL are not for everyone [sort of like Tom Waits is not for everyone...namely ME!! -- sorry Travis, Craig -- I've tried!! lolol]. The cd is called BECAUSE OF THE TIMES.


All cool tracks. KNOCKED UP starts mellow with violin but then slams into guitars. The second two are mellower [is that a word? mell-o-wer..mellower...sorry Mr Webster]

If they come to your town, check em out. They may be from Nashville but you could never tell.

ps: Next week the new BRIGHT EYES cd comes out. I understand Gillian Welch is on it woo-hoo!! Also I think the new Polyphonic Spree is due out soon too. Can't wait...seems like its gonna be a good music year!!



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MICK said...

Hey Shleastack...something tells me YOU ARE A FAKE!!!! Besides...I am independantly wealthy and do not need to generate extra income!!

Anonymous said...

"Besides...I am independantly wealthy and do not need to generate extra income!!

Dont forget damned good looking.


Anonymous said...

I still have to pick their latest CD up. I saw them on TV the other day in a documentary from Bonaroo Festival and they kicked ASS...