18 October 2006

Scrapbook 01

It was July of 2005 when I moved back to
Albuquerque after having lived in Los Angeles
for the last 19 years. I grew up here on and
off as a kid and had been back to visit for
birthdays and such but never really explored
the state.Now that I am back I definately plan

Below you'll see snapshots of some of my
adventures thus far.

My back yard....well not literally but close
enough. Its just down the street. Cool huh.

A cemetary near my house. Sadly, the names
on all the crosses are no longer visible.

A large part of a city's past are its
cemetaries. I wish I could find some infor-
mation on it.

Our big shiney new AAA ballpark. For as
long as I can remember this was the home
of the Dodgers AAA team, The Dukes.
When they asked for a new stadium back
in 2004 the city said no. No sooner had
the ink dried and the Dukes moved to
Las Vegas then the Marlins came to town
with their AAA team, The Isotopes and
poof...they got a new stadium. I'm a
die hard Dodgers fan so I only make a game
now and then to 'Topes Stadium...besides,
the hot dogs here suck. Grilled and footlong
like at Dodger Stadium is what I need.
Not to mention I miss the roar of 50,000 people.

Both Albuquerque and Santa Fe [only an
hour away] are art hubs for the southwest
and you can see public displays of art all over.

This is on the main plaza up in
Santa Fe. [Those are French people next
to it--not that there is anything wrong with

The National Atomic Museum is another
interesting one here in town. Along with
the Rattlesnake Museum, Tinkertown
Museum among others [more later].

A new friend at the Museum of
Natural History.

It was a wetter then normal monsoon
season here...one of the wettest in 10
years I'm told. That has come to pass...
winter is on its way. Last year was real mild
[remember I'm use to going to the beach
on Christmas Day back in CA]. I am not
looking forward to driving in snow.

The skies here are amazing.

I'm out.

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