12 October 2006

Petroglyphs on the Edge of Forever

Hello again. Welcome to my first adventure. You'll need some water as we will be hiking.

In September my buddy Rudy [on the right] came out for the New Mexico State Fair. We had good old fashioned fun: kettle corn, craft pavillions and ooooh.. navajo tacos mmmm. Afterwards we took a hike west of the city of Albuquerque to the Petroglyph National Monument. There are several trails and unfortunately due to limited sunlight we were not able to hike the five extinct volcanoes on the outskirts of town. Entry is free although you might have to pay a parking fee of like two or three dollars.

The petro's were created by Native Americans and the Conquistadors ages ago. I wonder what they are symbolic of... or are they just plain graffitti?? Most of the drawings by the Spaniards were religous symbols.

But what of something like this?? What is it sybolic of?? A being with three antennae and four toes.

Of course I had to add my take on things....
I KID, I KID!!!!!

We were out in mid September so the weather was AWESOME. The trail we were on was pretty flat and we did not see one snake which was suprising considering how wet the monsoon season was this year.

I was hoping we could go on a mesa and see what was on the other side. From within the city you can see to the end of town. The last thing you see are the volcanoes to the west as if the world ends right there. To the east are the Sandia Mountains. One definately feels enclosed.

Coming up next: Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta. Woo-hoo!!! Up up and away.

I'm out.

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