11 October 2006

Is Zia contagious??

What is a Zia? Is it contagious like bird flu? Can you drink it with a twist of lime? Ah, New Mexico...so far from heaven, so close to Texas.The Zia is the sun symbol used by the Zia Indians and adopted by the State of New Mexico for its flag. New Mexico is rich in Native American and Spanish/Mexico history. I grew up here on and off as a kid but for the last 19 years lived in a sleepy cowtown on the coast called Los Angeles [maybe you heard of it]. As a kid I never really got the chance to explore the state and even now it does not seem like home. But none the less I am back and now hope to discover it fully and take you along with me. I hope to include in my adventures travels to northern New Mexico steeped in myth and mystery [eg: The Taos hum or the Four Corners region] and to southern New Mexico to such places as White Sands and the Trinity Site [where the first atomic bomb wax exploded. It is only open twice a year and you are able to stand at ground zero!!!]. To Roswell home of the 1947 alleged UFO crash. It should be fun and you get to do it from the seat of your chair or under the covers. No bags required. The adventures continue....

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