01 July 2010


Having made it back from Wanderlust 3 I would soon be on the road again.

This time I was headed to Tulsa and to Cain's Ballroom to see Drive By Truckers.

If you are thinking this sounds familiar it is probably be cause last year I was in Tulsa seeing the same band. The Drive By's are touring with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and will not be playing as many solo shows this year.

In fact you can see that post here:


I would actually be staying in Cushing, OK visiting with my buddy T-Rob.

Summer airfares are in full effect and pricey, so this time I thought I would drive. OKC is only nine hours by car and I had been wanting to drive to the state so this was as good a time as any [plus, tornado season was over... I think.]

Needless to say, there is not much to see driving across eastern New Mexico and the pan handle of Texas.

Oklahoma was; however, H U M I D.

I had never experienced humidity like this... the cars SWEAT!

The morning I was getting ready to leave, I went to pack the car and it was dripping with moisture. You could feel the air pressure pressing up against you. I felt I could drink the air.

None the less, Oklahoma is a beautiful green state.

I didn't visit Oklahoma City this time around and did not see much damage from the floods in the area.

Keystone Dam sure was flowin'.

We took a drive over to Catoosa, OK to see a Route 66 icon, The Blue Whale. Essentially a swimming hole in its day, it is now just a curiosity.

...did I mention how humid it was here...?

We also took a drive to the eastern edge of the state to Wilburton, Ok to visit Robber's Cave State Park. What a beautiful drive.

Robber's Cave was a hide out of such notorious gangsters as Jesse James and Belle Star. It is a cool place to hike.

On the drive back I stopped in Clinton, OK and the Route 66 Museum.

All in all a nice weekend getaway.

Oh...and if you find yourself in Tulsa and your stomach is growlin, check out the White River Fish Company, a local landmark since 1932.

I had the grilled salmon...oh man was that excellent. I will definitely return next time I'm in Tulsatown.

I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

Man you do some NICE traveling...You should hook me up with some cool t-shirts from your travels...-Mike