19 July 2010

The Half-Way Point

It may only be the middle of summer...

...however, the signs of its demise are on the horizon...

Monsoon season is once again upon the southwest.

Late afternoon dry lightning storms and thunderstorms appear seemingly out of nowhere. One hour it is sunny, the next dark clouds roll in with sudden cloud bursts.

So i have not written much lately...man it has been hot, hot enough to make me not want to drive into the desert.

My sister and I did; however, travel to Arizona for July 4th. I thought it would be nice to spend it with my aunt and grandfather.

It was.

Whenever I can hit the open road, I do. I really do not mind driving on highways at all.

We headed to Winslow, Arizona - our home town.

And like the Eagles' song TAKE IT EASY there IS a corner with a 'flatbed Ford'.


Every Fourth of July, the city of Winslow, Arizona holds the largest fireworks show in northern Arizona at Vargas Field.

My Aunt Ruth was actually headed out of town the next morning to attend her grand daughter's soccer tournament, so my sister and I stayed at the La Posad Hotel in downtown Winslow.

I've written about the La Posada before, it is a restored railroad hotel, a Harvey House from the 1930s and man is it magnificent!!!

I did not feel I was at a hotel. That night I did not need the a/c so I just opened my window and turned the ceiling fan on low. I slept great. I felt like I was at someone's home. Beautiful place.

That night after the fireworks show we got back to the hotel around 10pm. Instead of air conditioning, all the windows in the building were open and this wonderful breeze flowed through the building. It was the coolest feeling ever. No modern fluorescent lighting or a/c.

Only light from old fashioned light bulbs and a breeze.

People were in the Grand Room...get this...READING!!

People were out on the patio....get this...TALKING TO EACH OTHER!!

Unbelievable!!! Who ever heard of such craziness???

Oh, and Dale... we ate in the Turquoise Dining Room. For dessert I had the bread pudding...check the cookbook...man it is DELICIOUS...best I ever had. Your clients would like it.

Anyhow.. I still have a few trips up my sleeve before the chill of winter creeps in.

Promise...I will do a better job of keeping in touch.

I'm out.

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Bear Me Out said...

Sorry I haven't been following your travels as I want to. (Just not been following anything much of late.)

Hope your travels are good.