24 June 2010

WALKABOUT 3- DAY 7 - MILE 1641: Visit To The Planet Klendathu

When I last left off, T-Rob and I had finally found buffalo in Yellowstone National Park.

That evening we hit the bar on the campground and had a few.

The following morning we hit the road for Casper, Wyoming on our way back to Denver.

But first, we had some unfinished business in Cody.

We made a quick stop at Old Trail Town, a collection of actual buildings from Wyoming's past.

We also stopped by the Buffalo Bill Historical Center.

We pressed onward to a place I have wanted to visit for a few years now: the planet Klendathu.

Actually...it is Hell's Half Acre filling in for Klendathu, where the film Starship Troopers was filmed a few years back.

It was hoped that after the filmed came out, Hell's Half Acre would become a tourist draw. A rest area was established with restaurant and hotel/campground.

None of the buildings exist today, having been knocked down when the crowds didn't show up.

Hell's Half Acre is 40 miles from Casper. I'm not sure if you are able to walk down to the bottom or not, I did not see any way down. This would be cool hiking.

All in all this was another cool Walkabout adventure and I am glad T-Rob was once again able to join me.
Unfortunately we were not able to explore Yellowstone as much as we would have liked [it would have been cool to visit the north gate in Gardiner, Montana where Teddy Roosevelt dedicated the park].

We also did not make it to the Grand Tetons.

I would say...a followup trip is in our future.

I'm out.

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