22 February 2010

The White Stuff

I know, I know, if ANYONE has complained about 'winter' it has been me. So why then would I ever go to someplace colder and snowier?? Who knows, but I did.

And I'm glad I did because this was an amazing adventure of beauty and to some degree, terror, as I would find myself face to face with nature's wrath.

Bare with me as I collect, sort and post through the images in the next day or two .

I'm out.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your a brave man Mick. It's been a weird year for snow it seems. The south, southwest and mid Atlantic regions took a hit. Portland Maine canceled the Winter Carnival because there was no snow. Here in Augusta the ground is pretty much bare and starting to thaw. I have lillies and hosta starting to grow. It's been in the high 30's and low 40'for a couple weeks. Usually feb is our worst month for snow/cold temps and its been far from it.
Stay warm buddy
If you have not seen it yet, check out "Shutter Island". It caught me completely off guard.