18 February 2010


I don't watch E! Entertainment Channel. I have never heard of Chelsea Lately.

However; recently on her interview show she and Mary McCormack, actress on the TV show IN PLAIN SIGHT - filmed and based here in Albuquerque [aka Duke City] - had some 'unpleasant' things to say about the city [especially Chelsea's last comment].



I grew up here on and off and am probably biased but I must admit that at 22 I moved away because as a young man it was...b o r i n g.

Back then as a kid I felt the Duke City was a dust pit. It was ugly, backwoods, VERY conservative and I simply did not like living here.

Having lived in Los Angeles for 20 years I had never entertained the idea of moving back.


Funny how life has a way of changing your plans.

In 2005 I had two weeks to move back and care for my dad. No regrets.

So here I am, an adult, and I've found.... Albuquerque is not so bad. Since moving away, Mayors like Martin Chavez have changed it dramatically.

The interchange where I-40 and I-25 intersect is awash in color and local landscaping and quite beautiful. The Nob Hill area is an eclectic mix of shops, restaurants and people. The west side, wow, it truly WAS a dust pit 25 years ago, now it is its own city and is developing its own character.

Like any town or city it has its good things and bad things.

I can't rave about the place, but I have grown to like it.

Now New Mexico, that's a different story. I LOVE THIS STATE.

I have traveled and ventured out to explore the state more then I ever did California.

When friends come to visit I can't wait to show them some of the wondrous things I have seen here.

As for the comments above by McCormack and Lately, well, I have never met them. I can only assume they have not ventured out as I have and that is a shame to make such comments when you have such a limited experience in a place. Obviously they don't read LAND OF THE ZIA! Hmmpphh!!

Naturally, McCormack did offer a retraction:

"I'm sorry if I offended anyone with anything I said on Chelsea Lately. Her show is acerbic and anarchic but still I never meant to hurt anyone's feelings. And its not even how I feel! I LOVE Albuquerque. My children and I have lived here for four VERY happy years. I consider it my home. I brought Craig Ferguson a mug from The Rattlesnake Museum and it's till on his desk every night. This city is cool and kind and has been wonderful to me and my family and IN PLAIN SIGHT. I've said that in every interview I do, so I'm really sorry about my words on Chelsea Lately's show." -- Mary

You can see the full story here:


I'm out.

BTW: I'm packing for a new adventure this weekend out of state so tune in next week, WOOO-HOOOO!!


Anonymous said...

Interesting post. Living in Maine I hear my share of "backwards" stories. Maybe we are, but having lived here a good part of my life it works for me.

I am off for a little weekend adventure of my own, Will post pics/story on Monday or so.
Have a good trip Buddy


Bear Me Out said...

Life is what we make of it, where we make it. If we don't have some sense of contentment wherever we are, we well may not have it, no matter where we are.

I'm glad you're happy there.