12 February 2010


Like so many other states, New Mexico state revenues are down,
(D) Governor Bill Richardson will leave us this fall with a $500-$600 million shortfall.

Yeah...he sure liked to spend while in office. [He has also assured that NM will have a republican governor come this fall!]

Case in point:

State government now needs to make up some revenue to cover our shortfall so naturally many programs are being cut...and of course the talk of increasing taxes is being thrown around. [Gee...anyone think about CUTTING SPENDING??? -- I'm just sayin...]

Ok, so 'taxes' are the one constant in the universe, well that and 'the bureaucratic mentality', anywho...

Increase taxes on cigarettes...fine, I don't smoke. Increase taxes on beer, fine...I rarely drink.

It now appears that the tax on certain food products will be returning on non-nutritional foods like soda, candy, white bread and.... WTF -- FLOUR TORTILLAS???!!!???!!!???


Tortillas are a FOOD staple, albeit non-nutritional, here in the southwest.

Here, view this...

Who the hell eats WHEAT tortillas??!!??


Oh... never mind.

What now? Do I form a new political party called the Tortilla Party?? Hold conventions and ask Levi Johnson to be its de facto leader?? Surely he can see a Taco Bell from his front door!!

RISE UP, NEW MEXICO!!! Keep government out of our burritos!!

If not, you know what is next... a tax on GREEN CHILI!!!


I'm out.


vmr said...

Don't tax our tortillas


Anonymous said...

Sign me up to join your party if they tax green chili. I found a "speciality" store in Maine that stocks Hatch Green Chilies like the ones you sent me...at 2.29 a can. I bought em, but I bitched all the way back to me car. The latest tax fenzy to hit here in Maine is increasing cigarette tax another 1.00 a carton. Also they are thinking of adding a "usage" tax on vehicles based on the number of seats versus horsepower versus miles driven. Geess if I ever find that corvette I am jonesing for I am screwed.
Later Mick

MICK said...

NM state government just passed a $1 tax on a carton of cigs today!! Where does it end...gee whiz!!

MICK said...

BTW...I am REALLY surprised you found Hatch chilis waaaaay up there. What kind of specialty store was it and yes. $2.29 is OUTRAGEOUS. I will send ya some more... hot or mild?

Teezy said...

Whole wheat tortillas are an abomination.

Is this America or some underdeveloped third-world fascist state that fears and demonizes the delicious elixir know as beer? That beer-tax-speak is pure evil.

Now I'm off to submit my resume to the New Mexico Film Museum—Maloof deserves at least a staff of one. C'mon, we can't expect her to do everything for a measly $90k a year!