27 October 2009


Please enjoy this musical selection while I upload the final major post of the season...I LOVE this guy.

Ladies and gents, Bonnie Prince Billy:


Dale said...

Interesting song..great voice. Time permitting I will do a search and find more then go to CDbaby and buy. Do you like blues? There is a woman near here, 2 towns over named Pat Pepin that is having her newest cd release party nexy monday night at a place about 10 minutes from my house to which I am going. Check her music out..if you like it I will pick you up one and get it in the next package. Google Pat Pepin..First Lady Of Sax

Glad you had a good time and made it home safe.

Mike said...

Heh, Dale... if you thought Brighter Than Creations Dark was too mellow for you then this guy will put you to sleep for sure...lol.

He is an acquired taste...sorta like Tom Waits...a taste I have not yet acquired... lol

Dale said...

It was not that it was to mellow..it's just not what I expected at first. The first song I listened to was "Where the devil don't stay" on youtube, which is a bitb livelier. I intend to buy another DBT on my next trip to Barnes and Noble.
Later Bud