03 October 2008


NM Governor and former presidential candidate Bill Richardson ends his term in 2011.

However, should Barack Obama be elected president he will most likely tap BR for some kind of cabinet postion. That being said, Richardson has hinted Val Kilmer as a possible future governor of the Great State of New Mexico.

From People magazine:

He is voice of the car Kitt in the new Knight Rider series, but could Val Kilmer's next role be the voice of New Mexico?

Former presidential candidate and current New Mexico governor Bill Richardson has been fueling speculation that the Batman Forever star may replace him as governor of the 47th state in 2010. "I like the idea," Richardson told reporters on Thursday. "Val Kilmer is a New Mexican, he was Batman. You know there have been successful actors going into politics."

Earlier this year, Kilmer got the rumor mill turning when he hinted that he'd consider a run for office. Adds Richardson, who stopped short of endorsing Kilmer, "I haven't talked to him about it, I don't know how serious he is, but you know if he jumps in a race he's got name ID, so it can't be discounted."

A native of Los Angeles, Kilmer has for many years lived on a sprawling ranch outside of Pecos, where he raises bison. He is actively involved in The Wildlife Center of New Mexico.

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