26 October 2008


My friend Travis in OKC is the cub reporter for LAND OF THE ZIA and sent me pics from this years GHOULS GONE WILD, the second annual Halloween parade in downtown OKC.

Thousands of people dress up in their best costumes and march through the streets with torches. The Grand Marshal is Wayne Coyne, who with his bandmates of Flaming Lips follow the procession.

Albuquerque had something like it this past May called Crawl of the Dead. where everyone was encouraged to dress up ghoulishly and march up Central Avenue in Nob Hill going from bar to bar ending up at the Guild Theatre watching an anniversary edition of Night of the Living Dead.

This time of year is usually pretty cold and often rainy in Albuquerque; however, this week its going to be quite nice!!! No word on if there will be any kind of event here...dang.

I'm out.

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