01 November 2007


Welcome to the new diggs!!! Come on in and sit a spell.

So, how do you like the new format?? Comfortable eh?? Oh I might fine tune it a bit, move some things around etc but this is pretty much it.

One of the upgrades for season two is that I now have broadband!! That being said I would like to introduce a new feature called MY WORLD IN 360.

MY WORLD IN 360 are videos I will take giving you an overview of my adventures. I sure wish I had this feature when I went to Sky City of Acoma. Oh well, guess I will have to go again.

For now though, enjoy some vids of the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta....it's almost like being there. To those of you with dial-up you may have trouble viewing the video's and I do apologize.


Gilster said...

Excellent format.... makes me want to come more often :O) I cannot believe you didn't have broadband.. hello...

MICK said...

I'm more of a 20th century fella and it takes me awhile to modernize being in New Mexico and all. Say did you see that movie Titanic...man that was good.