18 February 2007

Veteran's Day is Everyday

Today was one of those mello hazy kinda days, in part because I'm working the graveyard shift and time gets kinda fuzzy.

I stopped by the VA to visit my dad who has been in hospital for about two weeks now. He's doing ok, just some heart issues.Afterwards I thought I would swing by the New Mexico Veteran's Memorial. It's large and spacious with great views but in some ways it seemed to be missing something. It's not even a year old yet so that could be part of it. Construction crews are still on the grounds.

There are no big statues, a few plaques, an amphitheatre and large field for presentations, but all in all it was just a big park. Still there are reminders all around of the price many have paid for our right to whine about the price of gas, eat junk food, watch junk tv, complain about our politicians, speak our minds and live the way we want to live. My dad knows this first hand as a veteran of three wars [WW2, Korea and two tours of 'nam]. The price he paid was being exposed to Agent Orange and having it destroy his kidneys. I celebrate Veteran's Day everyday for him and my newphew and cousin who are serving in the Navy and my friend Rudy in the Air Force and every other person that served to protect our country. THANK YOU TROOPS!



Carharttdaddy said...

Nice pics buddy....Ansel Adams came to mind looking at all those great black and white pictures. And you are so easy on the eyes too! Carharttdaddy

MICK said...

Hey buster...where the heck you been?? Thanks for checking in and I hope the year is getting off to a good start for ya.


MICK said...

Oh...and Adams was definately an influence. Wait until I visit the O'keefe Ranch, we'll see if I can channel Georgia.

Anonymous said...

Great job Mick..you take good care of your Dad.

MICK said...

I dunno Dale...I feel kind of guilty.. he asked me to sneak him in a green chili cheeseburger from Sonic. I had to laugh though as he kept it hidden underneath his blanket. At his age he says no doctor is gonna tell him what he can and cannot eat.

And how is your mother??? E-me buddy.