25 February 2007

California Dreamin'

As I'm driving home from work this morning I'm looking at the temperature gauge and it reads: 25 freezin fricken degrees. To add insult to injury my buddy James from the C-A has deposited in my email these pictures and adds that it was in the 70s. It's on 'below freezing' mornings like today that I REALLY miss So-Cal. I can almost smell the blackened swordfish from Old Tony's on the Redondo Pier....sigh...


Anonymous said...

Ok your asking for it buddy....I still have snow halfway up the side of my garage and and ice hanging from the gutters...if there was a way to add a picture to this I would..better yet I will email it to you.
Later Buddy

MICK said...

Better yet Dale...howz'bout some Maine Lobster tail?? Lots of butter...squirt o'lemon...mmmm