22 November 2006


James Blunt has this "nice" song called YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. I like it... but I've heard a second song off his *smash* cd and man...does he ever sound whiney and nasally I change the station as soon as it comes on. Well, he has a contemporary who happens to be my favorite singer/songwriter at the moment: Damon Gough aka Badly Drawn Boy [as mentioned in one of my first blogs] and HIS new cd, BORN IN THE UK, has come out and man I love it. Now I'm pretty sure US stations will not play anything off it...its very British. There are no hip hop beats or nauseous repetitive hooks. Just some great lyrics and beautiful music.

BORN IN THE UK, the second song on the CD reminds me of American Pie. It starts off with his birth in Oct. 1969 and runs through British history/culture up to I think the 80's covering the long hot summer of '76, the Falkland war...The Sex Pistols, The Silver Jubilee.

An epic song on the disc is called A JOURNEY FROM A TO B [great!!!] The opening line tells all about the life of a relationship:

I measured the distance from heaven to hell
how we will do only time will tell

it continues with:

I hope you feel that I'm the one, only time will tell
just say you'll be loving me for an eternity

If our journeys over I hope that you will find someone
who will love you more.

Yeah...damn mushy huh....haha. At least he's not a whiner like James Blunt.

PROMISES is another stellar tune:

I promise you will get old
I promised you everything
To protect you wherever you go
I'll give you this diamond ring
Just promise you will remember
A promise should last forever
Right up to the dying embers
Of a fire that burns so slow

Just a couple tunes off what I think is his best CD since HOUR OF THE BEWILDERBEAST

So the recommended downloads from this CD are: BORN IN THE UK - PROMISES - A JOURNEY FROM A TO B.

So after this very sentimental recommendation you're probably hoping I'll suggest some rocking tunes...well you're right...haha.. here goes:

1. ALIVE AND AMPLIFIED - Mooney Suzuki [used in the Suzuki auto commercials]
2. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE - The Strokes
3. INTERSTATE 5 - Wedding Present
4. BRASSNECK - Wedding Present [*note: there are two versions, pick the 4:19 minute version or track 10. Great guitar bit that is not in the longer version]
5. ATTACK OF THE GHOST RIDERS - The Raveonettes [you'll love it...trust me]
6. DO YOU BELIEVE HER - The Raveonettes
7. THE SOUND OF FAILURE - Flaming Lips
8. KIT KAT CLOCK - The Bottle Rockets
10. A CHANGE AT CHRISTMAS - Flaming Lips [one of my all time favorites!!]

That's it for now bucko's, I'm out. Have a GREAT THANKSGIVING!!!!

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