01 November 2006

Download THIS!! 01

Occasionally I'll pass along a song or two that I recommend you download. Be warned: my tastes are kind of eclectic. Here we go:

1. METARIE by Brendon Benson
2. LIVING LIFE by Kathy McCarty [originally by Daniel Johnston] the Eels version is so-so
3. COME HERE by Kath Bloom
4. OVER MY HEAD by The Fray
5. TALK by Coldplay
6. GO by Daniel Jonhston [original version] or cover version by Sparkelhorse/Flaming Lips
7. RAZORBLADE by The Strokes
8. END OF LOVE by Clem Snide
9. DRY YOUR EYES by The Streets featuring Chris Martin
10. EMPTY BASEBALL PARK by Whiskeytown

And there you have it...a cool autumn cd to download. Sorry.. no headbangers ball, gangsta rap or neo-pop country this time around. Maybe next time.


Anonymous said...

Mick, thats a awesome mix!

Here's one for you:

1. Nature Anthem - Grandaddy
2. Where did you sleep last night?
- Leadbelly
3. Song for you - Alexi Murdoch
4. Sold! - Enon
5. Three Cigarettes in an ashtray
- Patsy Cline
6. Different Stars - Trespassers
7. Would I be the one - Sean Lennon
8. Circles - Bob Mould
9. Werewolf - Cat Power
10. Hallelujah - Leonard Cohen

MICK said...

Right on man..thanks for the reco's. I have heard some of the bands you mention and will definately give the list a listen.

FYI a great indie station out of LA broadcasts online too, check em out at www.indie1031.fm

Man I miss that station. Radio SUCKS out here in NM. Country, country pop, and too many 'geezer rock' stations. How many damn times can a guy listen to TOM SAWYER by Rush. They play 80's crap like its brand new, drives me crazy.

Thanks again for the shout out.

MICK said...

hey amigo...downloaded those songs...what a great friggin mix man... definately some stuff I like...hit me up again with 10 more!!!


Anonymous said...

ok...you asked for it, here's another shot of cool stuff!

1. Long Way Home - Tom Waits
2. Wear Your Love Like Heaven - My Morning Jacket
3. Strange Powers - The Magnetic
4. I Don't Want To Get Over You -
The Magnetic Fields
5. Inside Of Me - The Starlight
6. Forever Young - Youth Group
7. Casino Queen - Wilco
8. Life's What You Make It -
Talk Talk
9. Put It Out For Good - Amy Ray
10. Waterpark - Royal Trux

Hope you like it