27 March 2011

Untitled Post No. 556

Ok, so I'm sitting at the computer one evening when all of a sudden my screen goes whacky!


I had let my virus protection lapse and left myself wide open to infestation!!

We learn the hard way... well I do anyway.

It had been about five years since my last computer so I decided to head out and get a new laptop. What sucks is that the photo editing software on my computer was from 1998!!!

I LOVED that software!! Simple, easy to use... that is why I would just install it in new computers I would buy over the years.

Unfortunately Adobe hasn't supported it in ages and when I tried to re-install it on the new computer [Windows 7] it kept crashing and giving me errors, suffice it to say i can no longer use it.

I've purchased some new programs but damn.... they are soooo advanced and confusing I just keep bashing my head against the wall!!! ARRRRGGH!!!

Does anyone out there know of easy to use photo editing software?? I need to be able to choose a wide variety of fonts, cut and paste separate images on the same screen and need special effects filters.

I tried two Corel programs.... one was too confusing the other was crap. I tried LogoDesigner and that looked promising but I am having problems importing images and when I went to their website other people are describing the same problem but the designer isn't offering anything that has helped as yet.

I tried a new [and pricey] Adobe software photo/video package....dayuum, talk about confusing not to mention frustrating!!!

Until then, I will have to have a bland logo... so please send any suggestions.

I'm out.

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