27 March 2011


WALKABOUT IV is around the corner, as such, T-Rob and I are getting ready for our annual expedition. This year we are in search of the legacy of conservationist John Muir, co-founder of the Sierra Club, and the disappearance of the Hetch Hetchy Valley in California.

One of the very cool web sites I've come across in preparation for the expedition is called Maxpedition.com

It is chock full of cool back packs and such, like this versapack I picked up for day hikes.

I also picked up this multi-purpose bag. Unfortunately my 17 inch lap top is a bit too big to fit in the side pockets; however, the quality over all is fantastic!

If you are a hiker or back packer I definitely recommend them!


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Kisha Kitchens said...

That’s a very remarkable backpack! Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll be adding this to my list. From the looks of it, I’m pretty sure that it’ll be perfect for hiking or camping. I do hope you have pictures of it from different angles.