06 September 2010


With the waning days of summer before me I took my final journey out of New Mexico and to the left coast: Sandy Eggo and Shakeytown, aka San Diego and Los Angeles.

I fly back to Los Angeles every August to help one of my best friends and former roommate, Andre, celebrate his birthday. This year my fellow traveler, T-Rob, joined me again.

The August trip is always just to relax and be with friends.

Play it by ear.

We landed in Los Angeles and right away I could feel the ocean breeze and the 'smell' of water.

I was home again.

LA; however, was to be our second stop. [Andre was in Vegas] So we drove down to San Diego for the day.

And a beautiful town it is.

Of course we had to take in the San Diego Zoo.

The next day we drove up to Los Angeles.

Hit some museums....and of course the bars...but alas what happens in LA stays in LA.

All you will get here are these family friendly tourist pics and comments.

In LA T-Rob and I met up with my friend Andre and his buddy Marlo.

We just pretty much ate and hit the bars at night. I got to eat at one of my favorite places, Bosso Nova in West Hollywood. We had drinks at The Abbey [VERY crowded and four drinks cost $48!!!!!!!]

We also went to this VERY cool dive/dance Mexican bar called Le Bar. I really enjoyed that one even though I knew none of the music. The atmosphere was just very cool, very low-key.

It was a great long weekend.

I'm back home now and although I do not have any plans to journey out of state I do still want to take a few fall NM trips before winter.

Today was probably one of our last days of temps in the 90s. The mornings are already in the upper 50s.

Ah summer... I will miss you.

I'm out.

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