03 September 2010

Bless Me, Ultima

A few years back in this blog I had recommended the book Bless Me Ultima.

It is a coming of age tale for a young boy named Antonio and takes place during the 194os in northern New Mexico.

Antonio is a young boy trying to become a young man. Tragedy and mystery surround him, form him and shape him with the strongest influence coming from a woman named Ultima, the local curandera [witch/healer] who shows Antonio about life and nature.

The supernatural element is creepy as Ultima takes on three local witches and Antonio's uncle becomes possessed.

It's a great summer read and is available at the big name bookstores or online.

I mention this again now, because 40 years after its publication, Hollywood is going to turn it in to a movie directed by Carl Franklin [One False Move, Devil in a Blue Dress, Out of Time].

Northern New Mexico had been on film before in the movie Milagro Beanfield War made back in the 1980s and it did a fair job of capturing the amazing beautiful landscapes, people, history and Latin culture.
Bless Me Ultima if filled with the same elements. The book captures northern New Mexico culture well.

That is going to be a hard job to do on film. There are many mystical and spiritual elements in the book that I know will probably be left out of the film. My fear is that it will be turned into a 'horror' movie which it isn't.

I do have faith in Carl Franklin, although I do not know how well he knows the subject area and its people.

Fingers crossed.

If you are looking for a late summer read, check it out before it hits the big screen.

I'm out.


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