19 January 2010

Santa Fe Steeze!!

Hey gang, I'd like to share a new blog from a new reader.

Everyone say hello Teezy out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He has a cool blog on living in The City Different, you can view it here:


or the link now listed at right.

Welcome Teezy!!


Patt Gavin said...

I love the Los Angeles hat you're wearing. Where can I get one of those?

MICK said...

I got it at LAX in 2008, when I was there last year they had a different style.

Teezy said...

Wow Mick—Thanks for the post—you seem like a dandy guy.

And thanks for becoming a follower.

I started my blog for a group a friends and family members who don't have to opportunity to come to Santa Fe often. I know that they are visiting because I can check the traffic on Statcounter but none of them will follow it.

I think that I embarrass them :-)