25 May 2009


And so my birthday trip comes to an end.

First, there is one more stop on the road to Tulsa.

In a previous post I mentioned two icons on Route 66 that T-Rob and I visited. The first was the Round Barn c.1898 of Arcadia, OK.

The second, a more recent addition in 2007.

Pops 66, also in Arcadia, OK.

Pops 66 is an ultra-modern gas station and convenience store.

Futuristic pumps and a giant sleek soda pop bottle on the outside...

...on the inside, thousands of soda pops from all over the USA!!

A soda-holics heaven!!

I had a black cherry pop from some place called Chicago. Sweet and cold!!

After purchasing my share of t-shirts and chatzkis we headed to Tulsa and my awaiting aircraft. I was homeward bound.

Another great trip in the adventure called My Life.

I would like to thank T-Rob for being a great tour guide!!

Until next time friends...

I'm out.


...my last shot:

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t-rob said...

I promise BBQ @ Elmers the next time