17 November 2008


At the suggestion of a friend I decided to check out a local landmark for dinner, the Route 66 Diner on Central Avenue right before you get to downtown.

The interior resembles a lot of diners of the 50s era, can you say 'Johnny Rockets'

Tonight I tried the Philly Cheese-steak sandwich. It was quite good, especially the bread.
The potato salad was ok, a bit heavy on the mayonnaise.

Of course I had to try the pie. Apple, peach, cherry, pecan...but no banana cream???
So I thought I would try the coconut cream pie. It was ok.... not what I wanted so it didn't really satisfy me.

They did; however, have a wide variety of milkshakes.... like a peanut butter and jelly milkshake....or the Elvis, which is a peanut butter and banana!!!

I should not forget to mention the bill: $15.98!!!!!!

Over all it was ok. The sandwich was good.... they are bigger at Johnny Rockets though. And man...I do love them banana shakes at JRs.

I'm out.

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