06 November 2008


Generally by the first week of October it is cold in the mornings here, say in the 40s.

Balloonists love the still cold mornings because of the 'box' effect in the atmosphere. By Halloween we are usually cold wet and windy.

This past October; however, was AWESOME!! 50s in the mornings and lower 70s in the afternoon. Wouldn't ya know it, come November and its frickin' cold outside.

It was 32 this morning in the Duke City, the City Different [Santa Fe] was 23 and Taos was 6. Brrrrrrrr!!!!!

Santa Fe even got some flurries. Our first snow last year was on Thanksgiving Day.

Not too far off.

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Anonymous said...

C'mon man stop your cryin' we're having 60's in the AM, with 80's in the PM...Yup, just your usual So. Cal. temperatures...Gotta love it...-Mike