20 June 2008

Elton Richard Update

A couple of months ago I wrote about Elton Richard the ex-marine and Iraq war veteran who caught a man breaking into his garage, chased him and in a struggle shot him. There was a large up-roar when Richard was sentenced and ordered to pay the family of the car thief!!

Today the judge reversed his decision and Richard was released on five years probation.

"In giving him time, I've made the point that I want to make, " Judge Murdoch said. "I see really no service to more time in prison."

Richard agreed to continue to pay restitution to the family of Daniel Romero for funeral expenses. He was allowed to serve out his probation in Texas where he has family.

Governor Bill Richardson and U.S. Senator Pete Domenici had publicly called for the sentence to be reconsidered. The judge said this had no bearing on his decision.

...well not if he wants any type of future in politcs, eh.

I'm out.

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