18 June 2008


Tuesday night the Drive-by Truckers played a gig at the Santa Fe Brewing Company up in Santa Fe. I hollar'd at my buddy Clay to go with me and man did we have an awesome time.

We started out by taking the back way to Santa Fe, along the Turquoise Trail on the east side of the Sandia Mountains.

We opted to have dinner at the Mine Shaft Tavern in MADrid, NM, a sort of biker hangout/locals joint.

Now why doesn't Albuquerque have places like this?? Inside on the small stage was a fella singing on guitar. It was about six pm so the place was busy but very comfortable.

Clay had the blue corn tortilla tacos [with whole beans!! most places only serve refried]. I had a great chicken quesadilla. The Mine Shaft usually has someone playing around this time of evening and it goes great with a meal.

About 50 minutes north lies the edge of Santa Fe. The Santa Fe Brewing Company is outside the city and its only neighbor is the New Mexico State Penitentary down the road.

Man I LOVE this venue!!! The SFBCo is a bar and grill and has this big patio with a stage where the bands play. It was a BEAUTIFUL night too. The sun was setting over the west mountains the full moon rising over the east moutains a nice breeze winding through the crowd and a starry starry night!!! Could not have asked for a better evening. Even Patterson Hood of the Drive-bys commented on the perfect evening....as he drank from a bottle of Jack Daniels...lol. This band is definately the heir to Lynard Skynard!!


The Drive-bys are a political/social band and made it apparent by saying they did not like that 'mother-fuc*er in the White House' and urged everyone to get out and register to vote. Not sure how much of that message sunk in to the people smoking reefer but none the less a good message.

Here Clay laments dropping his beer on the floor. Oh well...he says the 'Belgian' wasn't very good anyway. Should have went with the Pale Ale buddy...hahaha.

I can't wait to come back to this venue again this summer!!!

I'm out!

[Hey T-Rob, if Denver is ANYthing like this we are gonna have ourselves a 'bad-ass, mo-fo awesome time!!!]


T-Rob said...

Man...I can't wait, its gonna be awesome.

Did find out why all the hotels we're booked...the following week is the start of the the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

MICK said...

Yup.. I was wondering about that... hmm...what say we stay and riot?? RE-CREATE '68!! RE-CREATE '68!!!

T-Rob said...

you read my mind!