21 March 2008


New Mexico governor and former presidential candidate Bill Richardson has endorsed Obama-rama for president. Let me just say that Richardson [the hailed 'first' Latino to run for the presidency] is 'hispanic' when he needs to be and 'caucasian' when he needs to be. Man he is milking it. My guess is he was rebuffed by Bill Clinton when they watched the SuperBowl...errr I mean the 'big game' together so when Obama-rama came to visit and offered him a way out of New Mexico he jumped at it.

Now folks, I made a decision from the beginning of this blog not to get political or religious but I guess those two subjects will always creep into everything.

I was a Mike Huckabee supporter from the get go. I feel he is an intelligent and fair man despite my not agreeing with him on everything and the fact that he went super-conservative when he was going neck and neck with McCain.

Who doesn't try and appeal to their base in the final hours. [Bush trashed McCain when they were running against each other in the the 2000 election].

I have made the decision to support Hilary despite her husband. [Just as I now throw my support for Jim Webb when he makes the decision to run for president and I assure you he will one day. JIM WEBB IN 2012!!!]

Obama-rama is a GREAT orator [as is Mike Huckabee]. Man can Obie make promises or what. It bothers me though that his campaign speaks of 'change' yet he brings on Ted Kennedy, one of the longest in the tooth politicos in US pollitics. How is that change???

Despite the flak that Jeremiah Wright has caused the Obama-rama campaign, I do believe Obama is an intelligent man and has risen above such rhetoric.

It's a tough decision. Obama-rama or Clinton 2. Both are historic but are either one of them really ready to answer that phone at 3am? I dunno.

I'm out.

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