11 July 2007

The R O S W E L L Incident

It was on June 14, 1947 when the legend began.

William "Mack" Brazel rode out onto the ranch he operated and found some shiney tin foil like material. A few days later he rode back out and picked up the material and showed it to some neighbors. Later he showed it to Sheriff George Wilcox who in turn contacted the Roswell Army Air Base. Officer Jesse Marcel was assigned to investigate.
Before the big wigs in DC were contacted a press release was issued announcing the capture of a 'flying saucer'.

Of course the government stepped in, a retraction was released and one of the most famous cover-ups in history began. I've read about the Roswell incident and have seen
documentaries on it and my conclusion is that it is not real and that the actual material WAS from a top secret spy or weather balloon. Besides, the US government would never lie to the public. ....Right?

Fortunately the city of Roswell knows a good thing when they see it and has since made a killing off of all the tourists that go annually to the Roswell UFO Convention. Unfortunately I was not able to go like I hoped as my dad needs alot of help these days so my brother and some friends went and sent me a few shots from the UFO Museum in Roswell. Enjoy.

Beam me up Scotty. I'm out.

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