24 March 2007


Albuquerque is pretty damn lucky to be located on the west side of the Sandia Mountains.

Yesterday 13 tornado's touched down in eastern New Mexico causing a helluvalot of damage. The tail end of tornado country ends on the eastern slope of the 10,678 feet high Sandia's.
It is not odd to see dark black clouds enveloping the Sandia Mountains yet across the river on the west side all sunshine and fair weather. Thanks to those mountains, tornado's rarely jump over and hit our city.

I remember back in the latter half of the 20th century...oh... circa 1985/6, I was in line at a drive up bank window when one formed over the city. Everyone in their cars got out [duh!!!] just to stare at the funnel cloud that was swirling in the sky. It eventually touched down at the state fair grounds and Winrock Shoppig Centre blowing in the skylights and then moving north to damage a church.

Usually the city will get hit with tornado like effects: high winds, hail, rain and amazing thunderstorms but we are usually spared funnel clouds. My prayers go out to all those folks in Logan, Lovington, Clovis and the rest of eastern NM.

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