22 October 2011

Once Upon a Time in the Southwest

Another year is drawing to a close. I've been away from the blog-o-sphere for awhile.

I've noticed on several friends blogs that they too have either stopped posting or have had long pauses. Not sure what that means. Could the novelty of blogging be wearing off?? I don't know.

Anywhooo... I've been on a few trips since I've last posted and will try to catch up.

The Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta has come and gone. This year I did not make it nor did the balloons float south like they usually do at least a day or two during the fiesta. The weather for the fiesta was great the first few days of the week;however, out of the blue we got a SNOW STORM.

...and then it was nice again. Go figure. I took the opportunity to head to Sandia Peak which Albuquerque sits at the base of. The weather since then has been amazing.

Notice the white mountains in the back [click to enlarge].

Two days after the snowstorm I headed to the peak. A beautiful 45 minute drive or so.

There's nothing like a bowl of green chili stew 10,678 feet above sea level. Talk about an awesome view!!

Of course no trip to the Sandia Mountains is complete without a stop at Tinkertown. A very cool folk-art museum built by Ross Ward over 40 years.

I'm out.


Murr Brewster said...

Ooo! I just went to Tinkertown, too! That man was either a blast to live with or just exactly the opposite. Wouldn't want to be in charge of dusting, and it looks like no one else wants to, either. Wonderful. You have a great state there.

Lynn (NM Enchantment) said...

Sounds like you've been busy! Thanks for sharing the photos- I enjoyed them.

K-Mo said...

You do realize Sandia Peak is a place I really, really want to go, don't you? But in winter, when the Rosy-finches are there. :) hugs...

Anonymous said...

Hey Mick

I've been there....wooohooo
How you doing?


MICK said...

Murr, I sure hope you also got to visit Madrid, just up the way from Tinkertown on NM 14... it's the back way to Santa Fe. Cool shops and lots of artists. Not as pretentious or expensive as Santa Fe but give it time.

MICK said...

Thanks for posting, Lynn.

MICK said...

K-Mo, the back road to Sandia Crest can be very daunting in winter. I tried to go one March and only got up to about 8,000 feet. The roads were iced over and cars like mine had to turn around. It's an older post on the blog. I hope you had a good birthday man!