09 June 2011

Noah and the Whale

Whilst the southwest burns, I decided to head to Santa Fe with my brother and a friend of his to catch a show at the Santa Fe Brewing Company by the UK band Noah and the Whale.

We went early so we could eat dinner at the Blue Corn Cafe in the Plaza... excellent!!

After dinner, we headed over to the Santa Fe Brew Co to catch the show...that ominous sun floating in the sky, blurred by the smoke and ash from the Wallow Fire along the Arizona/New Mexico border... it was actually A LOT more red then seen here [not sure why the true color didn't photograph].

The following pictures are the actual color around us. No filters. Everything had a sepia tone feel to it. A sort of dreamy, hazy, eerie feel.

The opening act, Bahamas, was from Canada. Apparently there is no CNN on the tour bus as the lead singer, Afie Jurvanen, asked 'is this normal' ?

UK band Noah and the Whale took the stage later and played a great set even if they were a bit out of their element and parched by the desert heat, ash and smoke that was in the air.

Here is a great song of theirs for the ad ahead of the video]. Their latest CD is called Last Night on Earth.

Still a great night overall.

Santa Fe Brew Co ROCKS!!

I'm out.

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