23 April 2011

The Dark Horse

Gary who??

Former New Mexico governor, Gary Johnson, has thrown his hat into the ring as a Republican presidential candidate.

He is a fiscal conservative, slashing the size of state government growth in half and the state workforce by 10%

He left office with a $350 million dollar surplus -- to which former Democratic Governor Bill Richardson turned into a $500 million dollar deficit!! He also did not raise taxes for the eight years he served as governor and cut 1,200 state government jobs without firing anyone.

He is an outdoorsman and businessman.

He supports abortion rights, same-sex marriage and legalizing pot.

Did I mention he is a Republican?

He rebuffed efforts by the Libertarian Party to draft him in the 2000 presidential election. His support went to Ron Paul that year.

He had broad suppport from conservatives and liberals when he ran for governor.

He was known as Governor 'Veto' for using the fiscal axe on Democrats as well as fellow Republican politicians.

Still... hard core conservatives might find him a hard pill to swallow.

2012 could turn out to be very interesting, considering current New Mexico Republican Governor, Susana Martinez, is on Republican lists as a possible vice presidential candidate.

Did I mention he is, I beleive, the only announced candidate to have taken part in several Ironman Triathlons AND climbed Mount Everest?

I'm out.

"Today's mess didn't just happen. We elected it -- one senator, member of Congress and president at a time. I can help fix it. I'm a 'fix-it' man!" -- Gary Johnson

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Dale said...

Hope he runs...I am tored of what we have now. Hope all is going well Mick