18 February 2011

From The Archives

I love this new technological age we live in.

I don't know how I would function now without my smart phone [HTC EVO], my internet radio [SqueezeBox] and my Wolverine film negative to SD card.

The above photo is from the latter half of the 20th century, circa 1990s.

Before cell phones, before the 'internet', before Netflix.

I found the negative in a box of negatives from pictures I took of my time in California. My Wolverine negative to SD card device is pretty dang good.

It was my first trip driving to Vegas from Los Angeles.

Oh man...if you have ever driven the 15 from Barstow, CA to Las Vegas, NV in August you know it is a HOT desolate lonely drive, well it was back then.

The last time I drove it, the freeway had been expanded to three lanes each way which helped prevent the parking lot situation driving back to Barstow from Vegas on a Sunday evening.

Was I really ever that young??

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