11 September 2009

Storm's A Comin'

I was excited about showing my state off to friends. I wanted to drag Dale all over the state but I kept in mind he had been on a long flight from Maine and I did not want to keep him crammed into a 4 cylinder vehicle most of his trip.

Also, the weather was shaky the past few days as cold fronts were passing through and bringing lots of rain with it.

Luckily it would rain in spots and the spots where we were just managed to avoid any down pours. As you will see; however, the storm clouds lend themselves for some great pictures.

We headed to historic Fort Union, about 90 minutes north of Santa Fe. I've written about it before. If you are interested click on the link to the right. Remember, you can always 'click on the pic' to enlarge it to its full size.

I'm out.

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Bear Me Out said...

Great shots! The black and white give a whole different feel. Glad you had a friend to go with!