23 July 2009

The Legend of Henry McCarty [you know him]

Henry McCarty aka William Bonney aka.... Billy the Kid.

I've written about him before here:


A simple young man from New York who's family found their way to Silver City, NM.

His adventures became legendary thanks to the pulp westerns of the time. His name has become a pop culture phenomenon.

His adentures, true or not also mean big bu$ine$$ to the state of New Mexico, so much so that the sate has launched a Billy the Kid website here:


It is a very cool site loaded with info on Billy's adventures in the state and the cast of characters that surrounded him.

Also, here is a cool interview with Drew Gomber, foremost Billy the Kid expert who talks about the actual events of Billy's escape from the Lincoln County Courthouse:


August 7, 8 and 9th is the Billy the Kid parade in Lincoln, NM and the performance of The Escape of Billy the Kid pageant.

Hope you can make it.

I'm out.


Anonymous said...

I listen to country music, mostly at work. I grew up with it also as both my parents were fans. Their have to be a few dozen songs either about him or mentioning him in thier lyrics.

Dale said...

Hey Mick
Check your yahoo acct, you have mail.