27 February 2009


From 1877 Lincoln, New Mexico, I traveled into the the future to July 8, 1947

It was here that the mystery of the Roswell Incident began.

Legend has it that a UFO [some say two] crashed on the Plains of San Agustine near Corona, NM -- 75 miles away from Roswell no less!!!

Rancher William "Mac" Brazel reported finding pieces of the aircraft, er spacecraft... to local authorities who in turn reported it to the Air Force Base at Roswell, NM

They took the reported tin foil, er materials and.... well, here... YOU listen to the actual radio report....

Personally I had never heard of the incident while growing up on and off in New Mexico. In fact it wasn't until 1991 when I came across the book UFO CRASH AT ROSWELL that I was even aware of it.

That book along with the National Enquirer story on the incident turned it into a pop phenomenon.

Songs, movies and even a television show have been made on the subject.

Needless to say the legend lives on and people continue to make money off of it... LOTS of money. So much money a $25 million dollar UFO museum and research center is being built in Roswell!!!!


Humorously enough it is directly across the street from a UFO shaped McDonalds. Aliens are 'luvin' it!!

But before that museum is built I took a drive to the incredibly CHEEEZY current UFO Museum and Research Center. I was really hoping to see some odd if not funny stuff. NOT!!

The majority of the museum consists of framed articles and newspaper clippings and photos hanging on the wall. There are a few interesting model/dioramas but that is pretty much it.
The gift shop is cool though... UFO related gifts for the curious in all of us.

Is it worth it driving four hours to see it? Uh.. not exclusively unless you count the cool alien stuff I picked up....lol.

Actually I stopped because it was on the way to my next destination and blog report.... but that's another story.


Oh yeah... FYI: Roswell, NM is the home of Leprino Foods, one of the worlds's largest mozzarella factories. Either way... ya gotta love cheese.


Here's a peek:

I'm out

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