26 April 2008


Hazy n lazy weekend. I have a couple trips to Arizona planned and I hope to make it to Sedona. Keep ya posted.

My favorite place in LA was always the Griffith Observatory. Last year the city finished a multi-million dollar remodel...and man it looks awesome.

And of course no trip to the Venice Boardwalk would be complete without a 'dog' from Jody Moroni's Sausage Kingdom!!

I'm out.


Having been back to LA after a three year absence, I can now say, "Los Angeles, I love you, but...we're a part of each others past."

Now.... what to do and where to go with that $300 Southwest voucher.....



Gilster said...

I havent been back there since............what year was it?

MICK said...

Being that I was yanked away from there with only three weeks notice I've always felt I was missing something or had un-completed business there. I was wrong. I've only scratched the surface of things here in New Mexico. Oh, I'll be back I'm sure. I just don't feel the need to go back. Very refreshing. As for the last time YOU were there...you'll have to fill me in over a beer sometime!!